a neighborhood holiday parade and festival.


Petite Porkers

Westbury Community Garden

Westbury Christian School

Beresford School

Cue's Burgers and More!

Home Depot - Westbury

Houston Asian Jaycees

J.A. Harris Trucking Co.

Pancho Claus and Taxis Fiesta

Downtown Aquarium- Houston

Representative Alma Allen

Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program

Houston Fire Department

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts

Yellow Rose Derby GIrls

Houston Women's Roller Derby

501st Legion- Star Wars Costuming Organization

Action Automotive Locksmith

Art Cars of HACK

Super Bear Costumes

Young Americans For Liberty

HCC SW Student Chamber of Commerce

Liberty on the Rocks Houston

and many more schools, community groups, clubs, and teams

Of course our traditional favorites will march. Look out for the Nativity characters, Santa, Hanukkah Harry, Pancho Claus, Kwanzaa King, Dun Che Lao Ren, and many more!